Who are we ?

The team and the concept

Christophe Condé

Course Director PADI, Christophe did over than 8000 scuba dives in the Seychelles in the last 13 years! He is passionate and he will take you to unknown spots from the others. Training is also one of his favourite fields without forgetting mechanics and... boat building! You’ll be aboard his last 'baby', the Explorer I.

Khalil Pillay

Padi Instructor and Seychellois, he knows all the diving spots of Seychelles! His experience is also valuable as a skipper because he will find you deserted and quiet cove for the night. You will also appreciate his kindness and good mood without forgetting his cooking skills...

Lili Volcy

Lili is our hostess on board! She will take care of you and do her utmost to make your life on board as comfortable as possible. Do not hesitate to ask her the recipe of the chicken carry, it excellent! When you come back from your dives, she will wait for you with a fresh fruit cocktail or a fragrant tea of which she has the secret! Thank you Lili!

The concept

This is the second diving boat that Christophe Condé has built in the Seychelles. After having been co-manager of a successful diving centre on Praslin for 6 years, Christophe launched a major challenge: to operate dive boats for diving!

Why such adventures? In order to get out of the “classic” diving! He prefers diving in small number, on rarely visited and remote spots. He has all the expertise required to make this possible – outstanding diving skills, of course but also in-depth knowledge and experience of maintenance, mechanics, safety, organization, etc.

Explorer I is Christphe’s new baby, designed for mximum 6 passengers! It allows him to fulfil his unchanged desire to offer a unique service: to explore new sites, to promote small groups and ultimately to move away from the “bubble factory”.

Christophe and his two trusted partners, Lili and Khalil will offer the dream dive cruise of a life time!

So don’t hesitate, you’ll be in good hands!