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The most popular PADI specialty course!

In the recent few years, a new sign has flourished in many dive centres and dive boats: NITROX. This is a welcoming trend is diving. The higher percentage of oxygen in compressed air means that we can enjoy our dives longer.

In addition the Seychelles’ warm water temperature (between 27°C and 30°C) makes successive dives easy. You can do up to 4 dives a day, with one-hour surface intervals during which you can chill on the upper deck of the Explorer I or rest in your cabin.

The counterparty lies in risks specific to Nitrox and depth limitation depending on the mixtures.

This specialty is highly demanded because it allows you to dive with enriched air when it is available. Most of the training is based on techniques related to diving with NITROX: equipment, the risk of exposure to oxygen, the setting of your dive computer, the verification procedures of your bottle, etc..

250 €

Nitrox Course

  • That's included

    • 2 supervised dives by a specialty instructor
    • Diving equipment
    • PADI certification fees
    • Training materials (manual when available in stock or in your language)

Deep Dive

You’re attracted to the depths … !

Although most of the dives may be conducted in the area of 18 meters, it may be interesting, even exhilarating, to go further (wrecks,, fauna, flora, etc..). But new safety rules apply and require a technical approach, supervised by an instructor.

This course includes 4 dives and can take place over 2 days.

You will dive in between 18 and 30 meters, without exceeding 40 meters. These dives require no decompression stop, only the safety stop (3 minutes at 5 meters) is recommended.

We will explained you the effects of pressure and the phenomenon of narcosis. These factors specific to deep diving requires a strong background in risk management, decompression procedures and equipment.

350 €

Deep dive course

  • That's included

    • 4 dives supervised by a specialty instructor
    • Diving equipment
    • A borrowed dive computer
    • PADI certification
    • Training materials (manual when available in stock or in your language)